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Started by Spartan, May 25, 2018, 08:58 AM

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Just in case anyone happens to stumble upon this forum, this post should help explain, at least a little bit, what you're seeing.

For anyone who is familiar, Gang War Deathmatch is a pet-project of the developers that has, since around 2008, been an ongoing side-hobby. This is still the case, and even though we initially closed up shop years ago, random little changes and additions have been made in the interim. Recently, in a continuation of that hobby, we ended up doing a complete rewrite Gang War Deathmatch with the latest San Andreas Multiplayer versions.

So the server is running, and there is a forum. Beyond that, not much else has changed.

Everyone is free to join the server and participate in casual team deathmatching at their leisure. The forum is also open for general use, for whatever acceptable use you might find.

And if you're looking to connect with any former fellow players, your best bet is the Steam group.


Lol good luck restarting the community once you guys destroyed everything you built because, and I paraphrase: you couldn't be bothered in handling it anymore. Then 2-3 years later you realise you actually lost a very good community, except nobody cares now and people have moved on.

Apologise to the people first. We all told you as well, suggested in-fact, to give the community into someone else's hands who has the time and temperament for this, as you're apparently not bothered for it.

Good day and good luck.


Reading comprehension is a little tricky, and it'd be wrong to expect it from everyone, so I'll help out.

QuoteGang War Deathmatch [...] closed up shop years ago [...] not much else has changed.

If you're not one of the people who were asking why the server randomly showed up in the server browser, whose questions were meant to be answered by this post (again, for those keeping score at home, see above paraphrasing as to that answer), then I'm not really sure how you stumbled upon this or what interested you. Maybe it was curiosity or boredom, doesn't really matter.

Hopefully this clears all that up for you. Thanks for your astute feedback, though. 👍



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